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How much should you spend on a gift? - Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous post on deciding how much should you spend on a gift.

In the previous post, we covered the following points:

1. Decide your upper and lower budget limit

2. Pay attention or rather make notes

3. Think about the significance of the person

4. Think about the frequency of the occasion

5. Don't make the person feel uncomfortable

Now here are some more tips:

6. Put your heart into deciding the gift:

Everybody does not like shopping. Fair enough. But when somebody invites you for something, it makes sense to put in a little thought on what the person would like. So even if you have a quick five minutes or no inclination to shop, just ask yourself one question before finalising the gift - Will the person like it and keep it as a memory or use it? If the answer is yes, well, you are sorted! And if you are confused or not at all interested in shopping, ask the shop owner / manager / salesperson to give you some ideas, but remember to specify your budget.

7. DIY gifts are always appreciated:

If you have time in hand and if budget is a constraint, there are several Do It Yourself ideas to create a gift yourself! Just use YouTube/ Google and you'll get hundreds of art and craft ideas ranging from photo frames, coasters, recycled gifts and a lot more. The best part - you need not be a creative genius, there are several easy DIY ideas available online! People always appreciate the time and effort put in a handmade gift.

8. Gift Cash or Gift Cards:

Gift the person the freedom to choose what they like with cash or gift cards. Cash is preferred by some people while others do not like accepting money, so it's important to know if that would be okay with the person. While selecting a Gift Card, make sure that it is valid for a few months and that it would be convenient for the person to use. For example, if the person is shifting out of town, it is not a good idea to give a voucher of a local store in your town. Chances are that it won't be appreciated and your money too would be wasted as the person might not have time to redeem it.

9. Ask them what they'd like:

If possible, the best thing is to ask what they would like. Also politely mention that if it fits your budget, then you'll try to get it. It helps a lot if the person has made a wish list or registry.

10. Do not compete:

May be Ms. Show Off is boasting about the expensive limited edition watch she plans to gift to a person. Just because she's splurging, it doesn't mean that even you should go beyond your capacity. Stick to your budget with a minimal flexibility, but put your heart into buying the present. In my opinion, if some people judge you on your spending capacity, they don't deserve to be your friends.

Have more suggestions on this topic? Please share your tips in the comments section below and let's learn from each other!

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